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Building a Digital Marketing Strategy that is Sensitive to Customer Intent

Your business is in existence because of your Customers, and as such your marketing strategy needs to be built around them. A well refined and lean strategy will result in a tangible and measurable ROI funnel for your company.

Your website can become a significant revenue stream purely through organic and unstructured means, it can only make sense to tap into its full potential. Triple digit percentage increases in any defined goal metric is common ground once the correct marketing strategies are in place.

Think of us as a Marketing Extension of your Business, not just an Agency.

Email Marketing

Opt-in email marketing is an ideal way of promoting products, services and events to customers, business prospects, members or suppliers who have explicitly requested to receive such email messages. With the proper planning and processes, quality email marketing campaigns can produce staggering results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the biggest success stories in the media industry. Google will pay a large amount of attention to publishers who produce quality content and reward them with great rankings. Engage your visitors with valuable literature through your blog items and external channels.


Structuring your content in accordance with SEO principles is essential to gaining organically attained visibility on the internet. Similary, the further your structured content spreads, the greater brand awareness you employ.

Paid Advertising

There is an upfront cost but paid advertising combines broadness of reach with powerful targeting, there are many mediums through which to build this channel, the value of using one versus another is determined by your objectives.

Social Media

Social Media Strategies stretch far further than the assumed regular tweet and hope, this channel contains many hidden gems that a social media manger can exploit to drive brand awareness and engage your fans.


Further increase your reach by marketing your content on thousands of external websites. Configure audiences and categorise your customers based on their journeys, then let Search networks provide your brand with visibility on sites that are not your own.


Customer journeys tell a story, monitor and analyse their movements then trigger realtime automated actions that may help push them across the line.

Affiliate Marketing

For a fee, let proven Advertisers market your brand for you, this strategy isnt right for everyone and carries risks, but a successful affiliate relationship can result in a great ROI.

The key terms that work together to drive growth in your Business


Search engines are still the dominant form of customer acquisition, optimise for search.


Develop a keyword strategy that can drive traffic


Create content that engages the audience, make them come back for more


Give to the audience, generosity builds trust. Trust acquires custom.


Commit focus to the major social networks to drive targeted and convertable traffic

Calls to Action

Widen your marketable audience through intelligent calls to action

Landing Pages

Send buy signals to visitors, through beautifully designed landing pages


Customers are your lifeblood, nuture them to build lasting relationships


Your customers movements tell a story, track them and target armed with information


Online strategy is long term. Learn quickly and improve promptly.

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